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Mr Candy was launched in July 2020 and we have have been growing fast since we first launched

We have over 300 products online across a range of candy & snacks, with new products arriving each week. We work tirelessly to bring rare and exclusive products to the people of ireland and now we want you to be a part of our journey!

So what are you waiting for?


Application Queries

All mandatory fields must be completed in order to process your application, otherwise your application will be deemed incomplete.

Please note: if your email address is appearing as “already taken”. Please log into your current Mr Candy account and then continue to process your application form.

How much will I earn?

10% from each purchase for the next 6 months. Shipping & Taxes excluded.

Mr Candy reserve the right to alter the commission rate affiliates receive.

Commission rates can vary, can be reduced during seasonal months, and can exclude new products.

Mr Candy reserve the right to alter or retract coupon codes and/or sales dependent on relative sales locations, legitimacy of coupon codes redeemed.

Mr Candy reserve the right to alter or retract affiliations with influencers.

Due to high demand for our products we cannot guarantee EVERY Affiliate will receive free products.

Product’s will be rewarded depending on the influencers performance, codes redeemed and engagement with their affiliation to Mr Candy.

How do I get paid?

Affiliates will be paid monthly via paypal.

Affiliates have access to see how much commission they have earned through their dashboard.

Use of Discount Codes & Guidelines

Just go to AffiliateArea -> Coupons (Becomes visible if you have at least one coupon assigned to your account).

You’ll see the list of all coupon codes assigned to you there.

Promote that coupon code in your Instagram account / website / Facebook page or any other platform.

When a person uses your coupon code at least once, they will be attached to your account for 6 months, and you will receive a money from each purchase that they make.

Include Swipe up links and add #AF on all content.


Use hashtags #Mrcandy #AF

Mr Candy has permission to use your content. Content can be used across all platforms & for marketing promotions.

Add Mr Candy Affiliate to your bio.

Always include a swipe up of the link to the product you showing.

Ensure your content is obtained on a high resolution camera and that the lighting of your content is excellent.

Discount codes work on full price items only. Exclusions apply to sale items, bundles, gift cards and may exclude collabs.

Discount codes must be used in your bio, the top portion of your caption on your
dedicated grid posts & vibisle on your stories.

You can view your assigned coupon code within the Affiliate Area.

Discount codes may be subject to limited time only.

Ensure that you record and save all content without any visible text, graphics, logos, gifs or any other material for the potential for your content to be reshared to the Mr Candy platform.

How do I use affiliate link?

After you have registered as an affiliate.
You can access your link via the Affiliate Area:
Within the Affiliate Area find Affiliate URLs.
Paste the link to the product you wish to promote from the Mr Candy website
into the URL section.
Once your link is entered, click Generate URL and your link will be automatically
After you have generated your link you can paste into whichever social media
platform you wish.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement (Our Statement) sets out the basis of which any personal data
within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 is collected and used by us.

The terms and conditions of this agreement shall be kept private and confidential and shall not be disclosed to any person. It is mutually agreed that the terms agreed herein shall remain strictly private and confidential by all parties involved except where required by statutory law. If this agreement is broken, Mr Candy reserves the right to terminate an affiliate relationship.


Mr Candy has permission to terminate, pause, reduce or increase commission rates at any time, without notice or reason.

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